Who we are ...

We are a small team of IT specialists with excellent knowledge in various fields which we provide to our customers.

For fields, which we do not cover ourselves, we collaborate with freelancers and partners who are the experts in that field.

What we provide ...

We provide our services and our know-how.

Project management, project work and application maintenance in many areas are part of our services.

<>We customize software of different manufacturers and we can provide support for this software in different ways.


  • Customer can expect best effort and commitment
  • We deliver highest quality.
  • Customers business is our business - only if our customers business grows and improves by our effort, we ourselves will grow our business.
  • Customer can expect 100% loyalty.
  • We support our customer in the long run.
  • It is important for us to develop an open and trustful working atmosphere - only then projects will be executed successfully.
  • We need the success of your project - not only in order to gain new projects but also for our feeling of success and our motivation ...
  • ... and last but not least: our work is a significant part of our lives - so it should provide us with satisfaction and fun!
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